1. Nail: to catch sb and prove they are guilty of a crime or doing sth wrong. The police haven’t been able to nail the killer.

2. Chick: an attractive girl or young woman. Chicks, right?
3. Dig: to approve of or like sth. They really dig it;
4. Into: indicates interest in or enthusiasm about something. I'm really into this girl but I don't know whether to tell her how I feel;
5. Kinda: a way of writing ‘kind of’ that shows how it sounds in informal conversation. He looked kinda pleased;
6. Sorta: sort of; rather: I'm sorta nervous;
7. Kiddo: a child or a young person. I have a trade, kiddo. I'm a detective;
8. Tits: a woman's breast;
9. Mom: used for talking to your own mother. The British word is mum;
10. Mommy: a mother. This word is used mainly by children, or when talking to children. The British word is mummy;
11. Dad: a person's father;
12. Daddy: your father. This word is used mainly by children or when speaking to children;
13. Papa: your father. In British English, this word is very old-fashioned or formal, but in American English it is a common word.
14. Selfie: a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. A typical selfie, shot from a high angle, exaggerating the size of the eyes and giving the impression of a slender pointed chin;
15. Dude: used for talking in a friendly or threatening way to a man you do not know.
16. Tops: used after an amount or quality to show that it is the highest possible. 5 minutes, tops
17. Cop: a police officer. He is a cop;
18. Chopper: a helicopter.
19. Guy: a man or a group of people of either sex. How are you guys doing?
20. Buck: a United States, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand dollar. I did it for 100 bucks;
21. Quarter: a coin of the US and Canada worth 25 cents;
22. Dime: a coin of the US and Canada worth ten cents;
23. Hi: used as a greeting or to attract somebody's attention, similar as ’hello’. Hi, Carl. I wish I could get out of attending the party;
24. Buddy: a good friend, colleague, companion, or partner, mainly used in American English. We're still buddies, right?
25. Bla-bla: used to omit sth. Bla-bla, let him tell you the truth himself;
26. Ain't: a contraction of‘am not’, ‘is not’, ‘are not’, ‘have not’, or ‘has not’. I ain’t say ‘wants’, said ‘I would’;
27. Gonna: a way of writing‘going to’that shows how it sounds in informal conversation. How much am I gonna get?
28. Wanna: a way of writing‘want to’that shows how it sounds in informal conversation. So, what you wanna do?
29. Gotta: have got to. You gotta think like the ball. Be the ball;
30. Yo: used as an exclamation to get someone's attention, express excitement, greet someone, etc. Yo! What's up?
31. Um: So listen, um, what are you doing tomorrow night
32. Oops: used when you have done sth embarrassing, said sth rude by accident, told a secret, etc. Oops, nobody told me it was uncrackable;
33. Ouch: used to express sudden pain. Ouch, just be careful;
34. Hurt: adj. injured, or feeling physical pain. Are you hurt?/v. to cause somebody, yourself, or an animal physical injury or pain. That hurts;
35. Mad: affected by great displeasure or anger. I’m not mad at you;
36. Man: used for expressing surprise, admiration, anger, etc. what’s up, man?
37. Hey: used to get somebody's attention. Hey, you know you can use the front door;
38. Bro: a friendly way of addressing a male person
39. Babe: a word used to address a young woman, or your wife, husband or lover, usually expressing affection b
40. Sweetheart: used to address sb in a way that shows affection
41. Pro: a person who works as a professional, especially in a sport
42. Doc: a way of addressing or talking about a doctor. What’s the matter with me, Doc?
43. Old man: a person's husband or father;
44. Son: a friendly form of address that is used by an older man to a young man or boy. Well, son, how can I help you?
45. Yeah: used when you are commenting on what sb has just said. Yeah. You know driving is boring;
46. Have got: have. What have you got? What have you got to say about that, ah?
47. Ah: used to express emotions.
48. Haha: in writing used to indicate the sound of somebody laughing. Seems quite interesting, what happened?
49. Damn: used for emphasizing what you are saying, especially when you are annoyed about something. You damn right;
50. Bozo: a stupid person. That bozo flirted with the boss's daughter and nearly got fired;
51. Test: Don't test me;
52. Motherfucker: a highly offensive term of abuse for somebody regarded as objectionable or contemptible. Shoot this motherfucker!
53. Take a hike/Get lost/Beat it/Piss off: used for rudely telling someone to go away;
54. Hit the road: to depart. We have to hit the road very early in the morning
55. Piss off: an offensive term meaning to annoy, irritate, or upset somebody. You really pissed me off;
56. Bitch: an insulting word for a woman; an insulting word for someone, especially a woman, who is rude or cruel;
57. Holy shit/Oh, my God/Jesus Christ/Christ: what a surprise or how very unpleasant. Holy shit! The whole basement is flooded!
58. Shit: a highly offensive term used as a swearword, showing that you are annoyed, disappointed, or frightened;
59. Dog: used for describing a person of a particular type;
60. Scare the shit out of somebody (taboo!): to make someone feel very frightened. I wish you wouldn't come in without knocking, you scared the shit out of me;
61. Bail sb or sth out: to rescue someone or something from trouble or difficulty. I was going to be late with my report, but my roommate lent a hand and bailed me out at the last minute;
62. Son of a bitch (sons of bitches): a very horrible person (Use with caution. Usually intended as a strong insult. Never used casually). Bill called Bob a son of a bitch, and Bob punched Bill in the face. This guy's a son of a bitch. He treats everybody rotten.
63. Stand a chance (of doing something): to have a chance of doing something. Do you think I stand a chance of winning first place? Everyone stands a chance of catching the disease.
64. Scumbag: an offensive term for somebody who is seen as unpleasant or malicious. You're such a scumbag!
65. Sister: a form of address to a female member of a Christian religious community;
66. Father: a title and form of address used for a Christian cleric, especially in the Roman Catholic;


1. What's the next move?

2. What can I do for you?
3. How can I help you?
4. May I take your order now?
5. What the hell's wrong with you?
6. What the fuck's going on?
7. What time do you have?
8. What am I supposed to do with it?
9. What's up, man?
10. I ain't talking to you;
11. What the fuck?
12. Who cares?
13. Nobody gives a shit/damn;
14. Now we are even;
15. What's your problem?
16. Show me what you got;
17. Stay put/ stay where you are;
18. Hands in the air;
19. Give me five;
20. Give him a round of applause;
21. Watch your step/mouth/head;
22. I can cut you in;
23. There were policeman on the take;
24. You really have a big mouth;
25. Keep it up;
26. You did a hell of a job;
27. Well done;
28. Stand down, soldier;
29. Don't think less of me;
30. I will relieve you of your command;
31. We bluffed, they called it;
32. I'm on your side;
33. I gotta take a piss;
34. Go knock the door;
35. Who is it?
36. Who (the fuck) do you think you are?
37. Gonna kick some ass;
38. You are the man;
39. It is your call;
40. It is up to you;
41. I'm counting on you;
42. On count 3;
43. 1 down and 3 to go;
44. Don't shit your pants, it's only the cat;
45. You scared the shit out of me;
46. Cut the crap;
47. You don't know what you're talking about. You are full of shit;
48. You're shitting me?
49. Don't ever talk back to your mom;
50. Fill me in on the latest development of that issue;
51. Are you still with me?
52. Put your mother on the phone;
53. He crossed the line;
54. Read between the lines;
55. Don't fuck with me;
56. It's weird;
57. I ain't afraid of you;
58. We just bailed you out;
59. We are sitting ducks;
60. I don't take orders from anyone;
61. Dude, you are in deep shit;
62. I'm done with you;
63. We have been through this too many times;
64. How many times have I told you?
65. You really pathetic;
66. How come it doesn't feel like that;
67. Nobody can inspire us the way he did;
68. He is a tough guy;
69. I didn't mean it;
70. You really killing me;
71. I'm on my way home;
72. Take me with you;
73. I'm ready to do it;
74. I'm in;
75. Don't get yourself killed;
76. I made it;
77. I'm gonna be late;
78. Shit happens;
79. Let me make my point clear;
80. Don't you get it?
81. I'm kinda into you;
82. Don't stay up late;
83. Hit the road, bro;
84. It's a great honor (an honor) to meet you;
85. How (are) you guys doing?
86. How was your school today?
87. How did that thing go?

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